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Digital Data Sdn Bhd was established to help our customers transform their businesses by embracing digital technologies. Digital transformation is about adopting technology and harnessing its power to overcome business challenges and unlock growth opportunities. Done properly, it can have a big positive impact on a company’s fortunes.
Digital Data also offers a wide range of 3D Printers, materials and expertise to create opportunities for a Product Developmet of your own. Create you own customised 3d model design have us realized it with our 3D Printing Machine with reasonable price. Find yourself in need of a 3d printer machine and it suppplies? Visit our website and we will get done.



We provide comprehensive 3d scanning services, inspection and reverse engineering services throughout Malaysia & Indonesia. Using the principle of triangulation, points of the surface are captured from different perspectives into a surface. The output is a 3D scan area. The scanned area model can be measured and converted to a solid model using specific surfacing software so that reverse engineering job can be accomplished



Starting from the 2D sketches or just an idea in your head, we modelled the development including surface, patterns, tiles and etc. 3D Printing and digital workflow commissioning a model as cheaper then ever before with lead times that start from just a few days.



Transform your CAD design to a physical piece in your hands. The lead time for a high detail plastic and resin prototype is as fast as 24hr, something that would be just possible with the traditional manufacturing methods. The advantages are not just from an economical point of view, working with a design studio in the early stages is a crucial step to understand which material and processes will be best suited for the product sparing us a lot of challenges down the line.

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